Slate Roofing in Fayetteville

With a long standing history as one of the most long-lasting roofing materials refined through the centuries into a modern high-performance roofing technology, slate roofing is a specialty roofing system for the discerning Fayetteville property owner. As an experienced slate roofing contractor, Strategic Roofing provides licensed installation and slate roof maintenance and repair from a team of roofing specialists.

Why Choose Slate Roofing?

Enhanced Appearance

For homeowners who are looking for classic beauty and sophistication to enhance the appearance of their home exterior, a slate tile roof or slate shingles provides a range of style and color options in grey, green, purple, black, red and patterned slate roofing that blends several colors together. Strategic Roofing experts provide qualified and helpful advice to determine which roofing design best suits the architecture of your Fayetteville property.

Long-Lasting Roofing Material

Premium quality slate roofing can literally last for a century or more if professional installed and manufactured according to the highest industry standards. With the average roofing system lasting an average of 20 years, a high-quality slate roof, although luxurious and pricey when compared to other roofing installations, is more than cost-effective in the long term.

Fire resistant and unique among all roofing materials, slate tiles are completely fire proof and fully resist all forms of fire hazards including wildfires, sparks from nearby fires or a firework display.

Slate Roof Maintenance

Since most slate roof systems have a detailed history, slate roof repair is always recommended before opting for complete roof replacement. Over a span of many years, a slate roof will begin to show signs of natural erosion which, despite adding to its charm in some cases, nevertheless involves a slow process of chipping along cleavage and flaking on the roof surface which eventually becomes soft and spongy. Broken or cracked slate tiles or slate roof shingles should be repaired promptly by an experienced slate roofing specialist to avoid water damage to interior finishes, roof sheathing and framing. Strategic Roofing roofing craftsmen are experienced with the very distinct chemical and physical changes exclusive to the weathering of a slate roof and apply specialized roof maintenance techniques as well as certified slate roof repair to each roof component in a step-by-step process to mitigate costs. Gutters on slate roofing should be cleaned twice during the fall and again in early spring as part of a regular maintenance routine in addition to repairing slate tiles promptly. Consult with our team of slate roofing professionals ion Fayetteville for a complete evaluation and licensed roof inspection to avoid major and costly repairs.

Synthetic Slate Roofing: A timeless roofing system with an eco-friendly variation.

With the average asphalt roofing system being dumped into a landfill by the thousands every 20 years or so, a long-lasting slate roof system is a good environmentally friendly investment. In addition, Strategic Roofing also the latest synthetic slate roofing options that replicate a traditional historical appearance that is combined with the classic beauty of slate roofing as a green roofing alternative.

Contact Strategic Roofing slate roofing specialists for more information about slate roof installation and maintenance.